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Leadership Development Events

FFA Skills (Mr. Tatsch and Mr. Guillory)   - A 3-5 member team will make a presentation explaining how to safely and efficiently complete a skill related to Agricultural Science.  Each member will take turns explaining the task while the other team members are actually performing the skill as a demonstration for a panel of judges.

FFA Quiz (Sr. Quiz-Mr. Guillory and Greenhand Quiz-Mr. Tatsch) - A 3-4 member team will become familiar with the FFA manual, Gray's Parliamentary manual, and several Agricultural Facts documents.  The team members will then complete a quiz on the day of contest.

FFA Chapter Conducting (Senior team -Mr. Guillory and Greenhand team-Mr. Tatsch)
 - A 7-10 person team will conduct a mock business meeting based on a scenario given to them by a panel of judges.  Proper parliamentary procedure skills will be used during the meeting and scored accordingly.

FFA Creed Speaking (Senior -Mrs. Rankin)
 - A member presents the FFA Creed from memory to a panel of judges.  The member is judged on word perfection, voice, tone, expression, and stage presence.

FFA Agricultural Issues Forum (Mrs. Parker)
 - A 3-7 member team will make an informative presentation to a panel of judges.  The presentation will inform the audience about an important Agricultural Topic, including the pro's and con's without choosing sides.

FFA Radio (Mr. Tatsch)
 - A team of 3 members presents and informative radio broadcast program discussing relevent agricultural topics.  The team speaks through a broadcast microphone while judges listen to the broadcast in another location.

FFA Job Interview (Mrs. Rankin)
 - One member submits a resume and portfolio to a panel of judges.  The member then completes a job application, interviews with judges in person and on a phone, and submits a thank you letter.

FFA Public Relations (Mrs. Rankin)
 - A team of 2-4 members prepare and deliver a presentation about the FFA to a panel of judges. Each year a specific audience is given for the presentation.

FFA Agricultural Advocacy (Mrs. Parker) - A team of 3 members prepare and deliver a presentation about a specific topic pertinent to Agriculture.  



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